Composer, Pianist, Leader (Virgo) – born in the town of San Fernando, at a very young  age he began classical studies in piano, composition and harmony…later he traveled to Bologna Italy where, at the age of 20, he obtained a master’s degree in composition… he planned to remain in Europe where a promising career awaited him but the advent of the Great War forced him to return to Argentina.


He was performing with a classical group where by chance he got introduced to Jazz… the first orchestra he led was name River Jazz Band; in the 30s he transitioned to tango and a brilliant career was blossoming…..but suddenly something changed; in 1935 he began to withdraw from the world and devoted himself exclusively to teaching in his small town… for decades he was forgotten…there were rumors that a painful unresponded love  had turned him into a recluse…he died unmarried, alone, at the age of 54


  • CLICK HEREhttp://tinyurl.com/AdolfoCar to hear the Carabelli orchestra play “Alma” written 1932 by Federico Scorticatti. The lyrics are by Juan Sarcioni and the voice is Alberto Gomez.
  1. What a nice and brilliant idea! I’ve discovered your blog through an entry in Alex’ Blog. I will include your blog in my blogroll.

    And for all the fans of Adolfo Carabelli: Pa’ que lagrimear (with Carlos Lafuente).


    (From the german tango-blog Tangoplauderei)

    • thank you very much…we welcome any suggestions for making it better …come visit us in Rome…where are you at?

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