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1925, September 14 – first performance of “TANGO JALOUSIE”

First performed on 14th September 1925, a Monday, at the Palads Theatre in Copenhagen for the premiere, in Denmark, of the silent film Don Q, Son of Zorro, starring Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Astor… It is not only the best known tango in the world but it is estimated that every minute of the day someone somewhere in the world is playing “Tango Jalousie”; only the Beatles’ “Yesterday” could for a time match its popularity.


It has been included in over 100 films…Gade (born Nov. 29, 1879, Sagittarius) was inspired to write it when he read in the newspaper of a man murdering his wife out of jealousy. He was a self-taught country fiddler, who as a struggling musician would sometimes sleep in doorways.  The instant, worldwide popularity of Jalousie made him immensely  rich and he retired to the countryside to devote himself to composing.


  • CLICK HERE to hear a 1929 version recorded in Berlin with clips from 2 silent films Asphalt (1929) starring Betty Ammann and Gustav Fröhlich and “Our modern maidens” (1929) starring Joan Crawford.