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1917, September 28 – Premiere of “FLOR DE DURAZNO”

Film – based on Hugo Wast’s 3rd novel, this silent film, at the age of 27, was Carlos Gardel’s first film…he did not like it; he said “I am a singer not an actor”…in fact he leaves the set at Villa Dolores, Cordoba  in total disgust to return to Buenos Aires….the director himself, Francisco Defilipis Novoa, intercedes him at the train station and bargains with him to return…he did not look well on the film; he appeared highly overweight and in fact he did not receive good reviews….


In the film, Gardel plays “Fabian” whose girlfriend “Rina” is seduced and abandoned with child by a German while he is away in Buenos Aires…in time, Fabian forgives Rina and they marry but the untimely death of the child surfaces old wounds concluding eventually, in a tragic ending for all….the film was screened500 times and established Wast (a notorious anti-Semite)  as a major writer.