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1967, September 4 – birth of GUSTAVO HUNT

Composer, Pianist, Clarinet and Saxophone player  (Virgo) – He was born in Buenos Aires and from early on, he demonstrated rare musical talent…he pursued intensive musical studies at prestigious academys and quickly earned the respect of his peers for his vast knowledge in harmony and composition.  He eventually mastered a number of musical instruments. He has taught clarinet and saxophone at the Folk Music Conservatory of Avellaneda City.


Gustavo has been a member of several tango and jazz ensembles in Buenos Aires and also folk fusion ensembles like Convergencia and Ollantay. In 1992 he was recruited for the  Color Tango Orchestra with whom he has toured the world. It is for Color Tango that he composed “Piqueteros” which reflects, in particular, his jazz and fusion background.