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1906, September 27 – BIRTH OF EDUARDO MORENO

Poet (Libra) – born in the neighborhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires, he would spend his youthful evenings at La Paloma Cafe where he got his first exposure to the dancing and the music of some of the early greats…at the age of 16 he began working as a theater critic for the daily, “La Ultima Hora”; the plays he covered often had  tango themes spoken in lunfardo…at the age of 18 he wrote  his first tango “La sombra de Milonguita”, which among others was recorded by Francisco Canaro


In his career he would write the lyrics to over 120 tangos but his masterpiece was “Recuerdo” which, during the period of the post-Peron dictatorship, earned him a summons from the official censor for the phrase “in the soft nights in the milieu of pleasure”…his career included having been a reciter of poems on radio and a  playwright of soap operas…in addition he led his own theater company, he founded ajournal, a magazine, and contributed to the scripts of several movies