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1890, September 29 – birth of “EL POLLO RICARDO”

Dancer, Pianist, Composer (Libra) – Ricardo Scandroglio was “El Pollo Ricardo” (Ricardo the chicken) in the immensely popular tango by that name…born in Montevideo Uruguay, he spent his youth mingling in the bohemia cafes of his day; places like “La Giralda” and the “Londres”…it is there that he got his first exposure to tango and attained some notoriety as a dancer even though he was self taught…one day he met Luis Alberto Fernandez and an instant friendship developed…


It is Fernandez who wrote  “El Pollo Ricardo” in 1911 inspired, it is said, by Scandroglio’s dancing  which reminded him of a  strutting chicken…it was first recorded by the Carlos Warren Orchestra and thereafter it would become one of the most recorded tangos in history…”El Pollo Ricardo” has been continuously recorded for almost 100 years, the last being by Quinteto Los Tauras in 2003…Fernandez was a government bureaucrat, a clerk in the Montevideo police station,  and self-taught musician