Composer, Leader, Violinist (Leo) – Paris on Christmas Day was romantic , the glittering  lights of its boulevards, its gorgeous windows, when Agesilao Ferrazzano arrived there in 1927…Parisioners were still talking about the landing of Charles Lindberg just a few months earlier and for Ernest Hemingway, part of Gertrude Steins lost generation, Paris was a continuous feast…perhaps Agesilao knew that destiny would rule that he was never to return home to Buenos Aires….he would eventually move to Italy where he would remain for many years and finally find his spiritual home in Beirut, Lebanon, where after a long and glorious career he would he would pass away at the age of 83….already as a child he demonstrated keen musical ability and he became devoted to the study of the violin…his first professional job was with the Roberto Firpo Orchestra when he was still a teenager; he was with Firpo when he premiered “La Cumparista” at the “La Giralda Cafe” in Montevideo in 1916…


“La Cumparsita” which had been composed by a young architectural student Gerardo Matos Rogriguez, would become the most recognized tango in history…at the noted Maxim’s Cabaret he was a member of the orchestra of the ill-fated Eduardo Arolas…he formed his first orchestra at the age of 22 with Vicente Gorrese and in 1920 he formed with Enrique Delfino a celebrated duo with piano and violin which played in the foyer of the Opera House Theater…he would become part of the famous “Quarteto de Maestros” formed by Osvaldo Fresedo…he sailed on the steam ship Cap Polonia for his first trip to Europe as part of the Francisco Lomuto Orchestra…upon his return he, along with Adolfo Carabelli, was a founding member of the legendary Orchestra Tipica Victor…still later his Ferrazano Pollero Orchestra appeared to great success at the “Follies Bergere”….he and Pollero composed and recorded two especially beautiful tangos “Cuando Tu Me Quieras” and “Una Tarde”


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