The title means “Don’t ask me why”…and the lyrics say, “If one day you see me enter the cafe in a disheveled and confused manner, don’t ask me why…my soul was inebriated in the light of divine eyes, in lips which were a cup of honey…but today that I live in despair, I need to bury my existence in alcohol”…as a youth Mario Pomar began singing in local bars and cafes for donations until one fateful day a producer from Radio Belgrano happened to hear him and invited him to sing on the radio station…it was the beginning of a career in which he sang with the best orchestras including that of Miguel Calo, Juan D’arienzo and Osmar Maderna whom he met when they both played for Miguel Calo…He was nineteen when he made his first recording “Vuelve Otra Vez”…he was backed by the renown “Orchestra Tipica Victor” which through its many years of existence retained the excellence of its creator, the classically trained Adolfo Carabelli, whose disillusionment with a love affair would cause him to become a recluse and die alone at the age of 54…


“No Me Pregunten Porque” was composed by the immortal Carlos Di Sarli who besides being a renown orchestra leader was also an accomplished composer…three times in his career his musicians walked out on him…he was a demanding, temperamental, difficult perfectionist…maybe it had something to do with the fact that as a young boy he had lost an eye in an accident and wore a prosthesis…he was born in the town of Bahia Blanca to an italian immigrant father who had moved to the new world when his first wife tragically died young…he eventually fell in love with Carlo’s mother Serafina who came from a musical family; one of her brothers Tito Russomano was a noted barritone…with the encouragement of his father young Carlos began studying piano preparing for a career in classical music…at age 13 he horrified his family when he began playing and touring with a Zarzuela Company…three years later he formed his own orchestra and began playing at the Cafe Express in his home town; it is during this period that he composed his first tango “Meditacion”…Carlos was also a gifted musician and perhaps no one represents the beauty, the sensuality, the passion of tango better, for the great number of people in the world, than he does…he recorded over 250 tangos in 27 albums


  1. September 9th, 2011

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