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1938, September 6 – BIRTH OF MARIA NIEVES

Dancer (Virgo)…daughter of simple Galician immigrants… her  father dies suddenly, she leaves school in the 4th grade  and still practically a child, is forced to work as a maid...Juan Carlos Copes sees her for the first time at the Club Estrella through her sister Nata…eventually she becomes his dance partner but to perform he has to lie about her age; she is only fourteen years old…thus is born a legendary tango dance couple


When she is of age they marry but the marriage, due to his infidelity, lasts only eight years however their partnership lasts for 50 years… their ideal is Gene Kelly and Chyd Cherise…their brilliant performances include the Ed Sullivan Show and at the Reagan white house…about tango she says, “’The first time I danced the tango, it entered my skin through my feet, passed from my skin to my blood and through my blood to my heart