The lyrics of “Sangre Malevo” speak of a lefty named Cruz Medina, a brave, tough guy, a proverbial anti-hero with nothing bur his pride and honor who one day in the neighborhood of Avellaneda, in a street fight, is shot three times…he declares to the police that a real man is no snitch and even breathing his last breath he will not reveal who has his adversary has been…the lyrics were written by the prolific Juan Velich who in collaboration with his daughter Hermina wrote and composed many tangos…Juan Velich was born in Santa Fe and in Buenos Aires he tried he luck in a number of professions including guitar player, singer, actor and even a stint in the circus as a general handyman…he is credited with having created the first radio theater company which he did for Radio Cultura…he was the lyricist for a number of hits including the classic “Rodriguez Pena” which was recorded by Alberto Gomez with the Adolfo Carabelli Orchestra…he collaborated on successful projects with Carlos Gardel and Juan De Dios Filiberto…Sangre Malevo was one of his greatest hits and has been recorded by many artists


Still barely a teenager, Oscar Larroca began singing  in the neighborhood bars and cafe accompanying himself on the guitar…an early break came when he was invited to sing on the highly popular “La Famosa Matinee de Juan Manuel” on Radio Mitre…in 1945 the journalist Carmelo Santiago heard him sing and recommended him to the orchestra leader Domingo Federico; it is for Federico that he made his first recording, “Pasaje de Mi Vida”…along with the great pianist Osvaldo Manzi he formed an orchestra in which he and the legendary Roberto Ray were the vocalists; they were immensely successful on Radio Blegrano…In the 40s the renown Carlos Dante left the Alfredo De Angelis Orchestra and violinist Victor Brana recommended Oscar to De Angelis who summoned him for an audition; out of hundreds of candidates he was hired…on April 1, 1951 they debuted on the celebrated Glostora Tango Club; his first recording for De Angelis was “Flores De Fango”….as a composer, he best piece was the waltz “Enganandonos” which was recorded by several Latin American singers


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