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Film – premiered at the Capitol Cinema in Buenos Aires… filmed at Paramount studios in Joinville France it was directed by Chilean, Aldequi Millar and written by Manuel Romero and Luis Bayon Herrera…,…it was Carlos Gardel’s (born 11 December 1887, Sagittarius) first talking picture and the one that propelled him to global stardom…


When his car breaks down somewhere in the countryside of Argentina, a theatrical impresario seeks shelter in a nearby farmhouse…overhearing a girl,  Elvira, singing, the impresario convinces her to come to Buenos Aires to become a star… her boyfriend Anselmo played by Gardel is heartbroken…with a group of friends he goes to Buenos Aires; they find her at a party of questionable morality…disilussioned and hurt Anselmo repairs to a cafe where he sings the hit “Tomo y Oblio” (I drink and forget)…finally they resort to an ingenious stratagem to abduct Elvira and take herback to the countryside… there is a happy ending.


  • CLICK HERE to see a clip of the film where Gardel sings “Tomo y Oblio” …at the time Gardel was upset as, due to scheduling difficulties, he had to sing it without rehearsal….the song was written by Gardel with lyrics by Manuel Romero