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1890, September 20 – birth of JUAN ANDRES CARUSO

Poet (Virgo) – born in the town of La Plata, he became orphaned very young and he found himself in the big city a victim of child labor…his first contact with the theater occurred when he got a job as a “claque”, a hired applauder…through a job in a printing agency in the town of Bahia Blanca, he discovered a passion for writing….eventually the editor the local newspaper notices him and  mentores the young man into becoming  a journalist…


In 1910 through a lucky break, he meets Francisco Canaro with whom he will be a friend and collaborator for his whole life…for Canaro he writes his first tango “Cara Sucia” which becomes a hit…. he comes to attention of Carlos Gardel for whom, in time, will write the lyrics for 38 of his tangos ….. Among his over thirty works for theater, the first, “Nobleza de arrabal”, premiered in 1919 at the Teatro Variedades ….in 1931 he marries the actress Eva Quiroga and in the midst of a blossoming career and life, he is suddenlystruck with an illness with which he struggles but to which he finally succumbs at the age of 41.


  • CLICK HERE to hear Jorge Falcon sing “La Ultima Copa(one last drink) written by Francisco Canaro and lyrics by Juan Andres Caruso….the text is the dialog of a man who seeks to drown his sorrows with champagne for a woman whom he loves and has left him