Violinist, Composer (Cancer) – Unlike most of the other tango legends Manlio Francia did not have a tough beginning in life and he was forever known for his positive disposition and his generosity…he was born in the city of Venice Italy and he was to say that his childhood recollection of that beautiful city not only inspired him but gave him strength to overcome life’s vissicitudes…his father, a violinist and his first teacher, was a celebrated orchestra leader who during the summer months played at the Cote Azur in Southern France…when he was five years old, his birthday present was a violin…in 1910 the whole family made their first trip to Argentina when his father’s orchestra was hired to play at the  elegant Hotel Bristol at Mar De Plata where Argentina’s high society vacationed…Manlio recalled that on the first performance, some scantily clad dancing-girls were included and a minor scandal ensued; these were the people who looked in askance upon the scandalous tango music of the lower classes…in fact the only tango acceptable to them was the Orchestra of Osvaldo Fresedo who was the only tango musician with origins in the upper class of Argentina


Eventually the family decided to settle in Buenos Aires…Manlio continued his studies at the Instituto Santa Cecilia from which he graduated at the age of 16…a shy Manlio began performing classical music at partys and salons but it was at the Cafe Armonia that the patrons began to request tango pieces…it is here that Manilo learned to love tango and made the difficult decision to devoted himself to its music…he was then recruited for the Maipu Pigalle where he first met Osvaldo Fresedo and Enrique Delfino…in his career he would perform with many orchestras including that of Adolfo Carabelli and Carlos Di Sarli…he played off and on for 25 years with the mythical Julio De Caro Orchestra…as a musician with the Orchestra Tipica Victor he met and worked with the inimitable Tito Schipa…with Enrique Delfino he recorded his first composition “Prorotita”; some others include “Luis Maria”, “Helena” and “Maldita Vision” which Carlos Gardel recorded in 1925


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