She never really recovered and in the twilight of her life Olga Renee Massei was to write, ” it was long ago that my dreams had a chance of coming true…but God cruelly shattered them…without smiles, without warmth, without expectation…oh, there were days when I never saw the sun…nights when tears were my only companion, my weary heart, my sole reality”…but in 1947 she felt like the luckiest woman in the world; in a fairy tale romance, she had just married Osmar Maderna, one of the most beloved musicians in Buenos Aires…he was handsome and at the pinnacle of success, she was pregnant with their first child…and then, that day, it was a Saturday around five in the afternoon; Osmar just finshed flying his Euroscope 415 CD; besides music his other passion was flying…he ran into a friend Alberto Lopez, who challenged him to a brief race, “No” insisted Olga, “you have already flown, let’s go home”…Osmar insisted, she remembed the terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach…


Flying 200 meters in the air Osmar oscillated the his wings at Lopez’s plane next to him and a bit of playful dueling ensued…suddenly his planed banked and his wing clipped lopez’s plane causing the plane to  lose lift, spiral and in spite of his strenuous efforts, Osmar hit the ground in a fiery crash…that evening Olga had a miscarrige and lost the baby…Osmar Maderna, “The Chopin of Tango” was dead at the age of  thirty three; just one month earlier he had made his twentieth recording at RCA Victor studios…Osmar’s love of Chopin would reveal itself in his subtle, ethereal, romantic touch; he was greatly influenced Liszt and Rimsky Korsakoff…at age thirteen he put together his first group calling it “Vitaphone”…he was eventually invited by the legendary Miguel Calo to join his orchestra where he held his own against the likes of Enrique Francini and Armando Pontier…his “Orchestra De Las Estrellas” was innovative resembling in style that of Mariano Mores who along with Astor Piazzolla blended classical music with tango.


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