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Toward the end of the film, Alberto, played by singer Alberto Gomez, says to Elena played by Libertad Lamarque, “Now I love tango more than ever, all this life with you I owe to him….Elena responds, “and I too love tango, it is through a tango that I met you and with a tango I began to love you”…nevertheless as soon as Alberto finds out that his first love Tita is available he leaves Elena…in fact it was to presage Libertad’s real life which would be full of pain and disappointment with love…it was in this film that Tita Merello, a woman of many men, would meet actor Luis Sandrini, her only true love, but who after ten years of marriage, would leave her for a young woman…The success of this mythical film was due in large part to the stellar performances of these two legendary women of tango, Tita Merello and Libertad Lamarque, it was the cinematic debut for both of them…Libertad would go on to star in over forty films in her career; Tita in over forty five including the acclaimed “Mercado De Abasto”


The lead male role is played by singer Alberto Gomez who was to have a great career singing all over the world even if he acting was atrocious…”Tango’s” all star cast made it possible for audiences to finally see the beloved singers and musicians which they knew from radio programs…the cast included singers Azucena Maizani, Mercedes Simone, the orchestras of Juan de Dios Filiberto, Osvaldo Fresedo and Edgardo Donato and dancer El Cachafaz…”Tango” was a trailblazer on a number of fronts; it was the first film of production company Argentina Sono Film, it was the first sound film in Argentina (using the new Movietone system on which both film and sound were on the same tape), it was the first sound film to use tango as it primary theme…Argentina Sono Film was the idea of director Luis Moglia Barth who went to his friend and colleague, businessman Angel Metasti with the idea…the studio was to have a long life producing films for various directors and branching into movie theaters and television well into the 2000s…