Miguel Calo had already reluctantly fired him; he told Raul Beron that the radio station just did not think his voice was adequate for their tango program…however, in the mean time, pianist Osmar Maderna suggested to Calo that Beron’s voice was the right one to record their new project, the tango, “Al Compas Del Corazon”…it was a phenomenal hit and launched a storybook career for twenty-two year Raul Beron who in time, many would rate as the best tango voice in history…Calo gave Beron a contract for 500 pesos a month which was a huge sum of money in those days…one year later, Lucio Demare would triple that sum to entice Raul Beron to join his orchestra…the year after that, Calo would greatly increase the Demare offer to get Beron back…the lyrics, written by the legendary Homero Exposito describe a man’s heart throbbing, “compas del corazon”, at the thought of seeing his beloved again and predicting that she will gasp incredulously at the joy of experiencing anew their love..


“Al Compas Del Corazon” had a rather serendipitous begining…when its composer Domingo Federico joined the Calo orchestra in 1941 he showed the piece to his fellow musicians who were enthusiastic about it, however the two singers Raul Beron and Alberto Podesta were unsure about the piece…one afternoon, at violinist Enrique Francini’s initiative, the orchestra, without Calo’s permission and without preparation, tried the tango out at an afternoon tea house performance which Calo normally did not attend…it was instantly beloved by the public who requested an encore; it was at this point that Calo walked in to witness the success…he ordered of course, that it be included into their repertoir….just a few months later Beron would have another hit “Me Llaman El Zorro”…composer Domingo Federico, born in the neighborhood of Palermo Viejo, was taught the violin by his father, he later studied piano at the Pedro Maffia, Sebastian Piana conservatory…he aspired to be a doctor and was in medical school when the success of a duo he had formed with his sister Nelida inspired him to devote himself to tango


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