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There was a moment in director’s career when he was greatly discouraged and thinking seriously about quitting the film business and then he began to win accolades for his low-budget films…Immigration Tango won “Best Film” at the Boston Film Festival…in the film Elena, a Russian immigrant studying in Miami and her boyfriend Carlos a Columbian chef have run out of options for staying in the United States and they concoct the idea of marrying the respective partner of their best friends, Bettty and Mike but the immigration service is on the prowl and they must live together as if they are really a couple…at a certain point Carlos says to Mike, “If you touch her Mike, I will kill you, it’s our way”…”Carlos” is played by Carlos Leon, a Cuban-American who has been an actor for twenty years  perhaps best known for being the father of Madonna’s child…


Madonna played Eva Peron in “Evita”…Elika Portnoy who plays “Elena” was born in Bulgaria and is the co-producer of the film…she has lived in Spain, Costa Rica and Mexico and speaks fluent Spanish…among her various awards she won the Best Actress Award at the Monaco Film Festival…Carlos won “Best Actor” at the Boston Film Festival…Director David Burton Morris was raised in St. Paul Minnesota and attended the UCLA film school…his first film was “Purple Haze” which he made in Minnesotta…for his second film Patti Rocks in 1988, he won the “Coup De Coeur” for the best feature film at the Deauville International Film Festival…Immigration Tango is a remake of “Green Card” the 1990 classic comedy starring Gerard Depardieu and Andy MacDowell