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Singer, Actor, Write(Aries) – with his race car driver mystique, his sohpisticated looks, his alluring voice for which he was widely known as “Sweet Milk”, he was a seducer of many women and it was no doubt these experiences which would help him became a prolific and successful writer of soap box dramas for radio and television…Rolando Chaves was born in the city of Presidencia Roque Saenz Pena, Argentina…at the age of eighteen he entered a singing contest on “Radio La Voz Del Aire” and out of hundreds of contentants he was proclaimed by the winner; one year later he was singing at the legendary “Radio Belgrano”…eventually he was invited to play a role in one of the popular radio soap operas, offshoots of the mythical “Chizpasos de Tradicion” which were based on gaucho subruban melodramas; his transition to television was successful both as a writer and an actor…he would star in over fourteen films; his most successful being “El Morocho Del Abasto” in which he plays Carlos Gardel; he would earn wide acclaim for this performance


“El Morocho del Abasto” which premiered at the Normandie Movie Theater, also starred dancer Tito Luisardo who had personally starred with the real Carlos Gardel during his lifetime…Chaves sang twelve of Gardels songs using his real voice instead of being sung over by Gardel’s… a minor controversy developed among the public over whether it was Gardel’s or Chaves’s voice which was heard in the film…Rolando was a great admirer of Gardel and later a collectionist of Gardel memorabilia; he discovered a lost recording of Carlos Gardel’s, “Cheating Muchachita”, in  which he sings in English…it had been part of a number of items which Gardel had left to friend Geo Morris in New York; years later he would take the items to Buenos Aires where Rolando eventually discovered them….he starred in “Sangre Y Acero” directed by Lucas Demare with music by his brother, legendary composer Lucio Demare in which he sang alonside Virginia Luque… “Delitto de Corrupcion” in 1991 was to be his last film; in that year that a growth was discovered forcing the removal of his vocal cords…he died during a later surgical operation to restore his voice…his daughter Veronica, years after his death, would recall with great love how he would practise his lines in lunfardo with her as he was walking her to school hand in hand…