1926, October 20 – BIRTH OF ADOLFO RIVAS

Toward the end of a long and fruitful life, the one memory which which Adolfo Rivas treasured above others was the day his mother called him in tears because she had just heard him sing on long distance Radio Belgrano from her small town of Perhuajo….Adolfo Rivas (Libra) was singing almost as soon as he was walking and his parents were very encouraging even though a small town has few opportunities for singers…in fact a teenage Adolfo, with a voice resembling the great Roman popular singer Claudio Villa, began singing for free in the local radio stations and began to develop a name for himself in local festivals….with much trepidation, still in his early 20s, he decided to try his luck in big and intimidating Buenos Aires…a Perhuajo fan introduced him to musician Edmundo Baya who had two brothers in the orchestra of Juan Sanchez Gorio who just happened to be looking for a second singer to support his primary singer Luis Mendoza…Adolfo auditioned for Gorio with “Mi Noche Triste” and “Remembranza”…


In the middle of the audition Gorio said, “that’s enough, you start tomorrow”….Adolfo was stunned, “I nearly fainted” he said…neverthless, after one year a frustrated Adolfo left the orchestra feeling that first singer Luis Mendoza, fearing competition, conspired to limit his exposure and ascendancy…interestingly, it was the same Luis Mendoza, whom he would encounter by chance on the streets of Buenos Aires, who would tell him that Edgardo Donato was looking for a singer…helped by Mendoza’s personal recommendation, he auditioned with “Tu Piel De Jasmin” and was hired by Donato…he spent almost two happy years with Donato refining his talent while touring throughout the country…his reputation now established, he was recruited by Osmar Maderna with whom he made two recordings before Maderna’s fatal airplane accident…for the remainder of his career he joined a number of orchestras to great acclaim but eventually the telephone rang less and less and he ended him career as a traveling car parts salesman in which he also also found success and satisfaction

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