The lyrics speak about a man who knows that he is needlessly waiting for his beloved to return and he says, “let me delude myself into believing that you will return and that we can restore our dream…allow me to cry, to always cry and to hope, even though I know that you will never return…you are oblivious to my pain and my tears…let me create something divine with the fragments that are left”… “Que Te Importa Que Te Lloro” was a major hit for Raul Beron and the Miguel Calo Orchesta and continues 60 years later to be played and danced to, in milongas a round the world…the music and the lyrics were composed by Miguel Calo with his pianist Osmar Maderna….the two would also collaborate on another hit “Jamas Retorneras” which was recorded three months later also with the voice of Raul Beron


Raul Beron, considered by many to have been the best tango voice in history, was introduced to orchestra leader Miguel Calo by bandoneoist Armando Pontier; both Beron and Pontier were from the town of Zarate just north of Buenos Aires…Beron’s first appearance with the Calo orchestra on Radio Belgrano did not augur well; the radio programmer told Calo that the voice of Beron was not appropriate and so Calo reluctantly informed Beron that their collaboration would terminate at the end of the month…in the mean time however, Osmar Maderna convined Calo that Beron’s voice was the right one to record “Al Compas Del Corazon”; it became a major hit and Calo hastily rescinded the dismissal…Raul Beron came from a gifted musical family; his sister Alba would record several hits with the Anibal Troilo Orchestra…his older brother Jose was said to have had ever more talent than Raul but chose instead to devote his energies to the Buenos Aires night life…Armando Pontier would be a major influence in tango but commits suicide at the age 66…Osmar Maderna would become a legend in a brief life; he would die piloting his own airplane at the age of 33


  1. October 31st, 2011

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