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2009, April 22 – PUBLISHED, GU HYE SUN’S “TANGO”

She awoke in the hospital from a car accident surrounded by her parents and doctors who were trying to reassure her but she had other things in mind, “where is my manuscript” she said, “the manuscript to Tango”…the manuscript was just fine and she would publish her book,  the story of  the love and pain which a young girl experiences as she becomes a woman based on the memories of her own first bittersweet love…“Tango” was a hit selling over 30,000 copies in the first week alone…Gu Hye Sun is a creative prodigy…by the age of twenty-seven she had written and directed two short films “The Cheerful Caretaker” and “A Pleasant Helper”…she had directed her first full length film “Magic” which was nominated for “Best Asian Film” at the Tokyo International Film Festival…she had starred in the hit television drama “Pure In Heart” for which she sang the theme song “Saranga” and for which she won numerous awards…she had starred in a number of musical videos……she had released “Breath” an album of eight piano pieces she composed…


She wrote “Tango” while filming the drama “Boys Before Flowers”  for which she als sang the hit “I Don’t Know Anything But love”…her credentials include having hosted a national awards television program and having  modeled for renown fashion designer Andre Kim….Already as a child her unique intelligence and creativity became very evident; she composed her own children’s songs and sang them at friend’s parties…Gu Hye Suns was born in Incheon, Korea to parents who were immensely supportive; she has been called “Renaissance Girl” and “Gu-onardo da vinci”…she was inspired to write the book when she heard renown pianist Ryuichi Sacamoto’s song “Tango”…in addition “Tango” is an illustrated novel as it contains forty of Gu Hye’s drawings; at an exhibition of the art work over 10,000 people showed up…interestingly she did not particularly like school; it was too confining while she yearned to experience life …“what is your secret ?” she was once asked, “I am a workaholic, if I don’t work I feel uneasy” she answered