1830, June 15 – CHOPIN PUBLISHES “ETUDE OP 10, NO. 3”

“La Melodia del Corazon” a hit recorded by Edgardo Donato with the voice of  Romeo Gavia, is an accelerated version of Chopin’s “Etude, Opus 10, No. 3″…Chopin was to haunt the  souls of tango composers and writers…lyricist Jose Gonzalez Castillo mentions Chopin in his celebrated “El Viejo Vals” when he says  “…with the languid beat of a Chopin waltz my love confesses…”…Luis Rubenstein in his “Nieblas”, talks of “…the pained notes of a Chopin waltz”…in his tango “Biografia”, Alberto Munoz says “…Chopin’s moon, clear moon…”…in “Cabeza De Novia”, writer Nolo Lopez says “…musical pieces that Chopin dreamt…”Horacio Ferrer in his “Polaco” in honor of Roberto Goyeneche compares his talent to “…a Chopin walk…”Eloisa Da Silva, the first woman to compose tango, was called “Chopin in skirts” by Franz Liszt her piano teacher…


She first came into contact with tango when she accompanied her father to Buenos Aires who was there to sell beef to feed the slaves….in the late 1870s she composed her first tango…she would later marry an Uruguayan nobleman and give classical piano concerts but secretly began dabbling in tango…she composed her first tango sometime in the 1870s, the first of over 100 that she would create…Osmar Maderna, known as “The Chopin of Tango”, was a classical concert pianist when he was called by Miguel Calo to substitute for Hector Stamponi which led eventually to the compositions of original tangos and the formation of his own tango orchestra….Chopin’s influence can be clearly seen throughout his work; his “Lluvia de Estrellas” for example is clearly inspired by Chopin’s “Fantasie Impromptu”…he would die tragically at the age of thirty three in an airplane accident…there was even a Chopin Record Label created by bandoneonist/composer Gabriel Clausi under which several tango artists marketed their work


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