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2008, April 15 – Released, “Tangele, The Pulse Of Yiddish Tango”

One reviewer said of this ground breaking album, “this stellar, deeply moving album is the overlap of the murky cultural, social, and political terrain where Yiddish songs meet the musical form of the tango”…the songs come from Yiddish Theater in Buenos Aires and from the ghettos of the Shoa…”Tangele” attempts to tell a story…the story of the collective memories of yiddish speaking communities from all over the world; it expresses the conflicting emotion inherent in the human condition, the bittersweet memories of the diaspora, the suffering, the longing, the joy…the soul of the album is best summed up in a song called “Yiddish Tango”, a song from the Kovno Ghetto…the Kovno Ghetto was established by the Nazis to hold jews from Kaunas, Lithuania which held at its peak 40,000 jews most of whom later perished in concentration camps…it lyrics say, “…play for me a tango about refugees, about a people banished, scattered and cast out, that big and small children will understand and indeed will dance, play musicians play the way a jewish heart feels, play for me a tango”….


In the end, it is a triumph of the spirit in the  most horrifying of circumstances…Tangele is a musical trio comprised of vocalist Lloica Czackis, violinist Juan Lucas Aisemberg who was born in Budapest of Argentine parents but grew up in Italy and pianist Ivo De Greef who studied with Astor Piazzolla…singer Lloica Czackis was born in 1973 in Karlsruhe, Germany to Argentine parents but grew up in Venezuela to a musical family that loved folk music…she studied singing and choral conducting at the Argentine Catholic University in Buenos Aires and completed her training at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London…she is a multi talented artist who has performed renaissance music, opera and folk music…she is a researcher, writer and lecturer on yiddish tango…one reviewer said of her performance “…positively radiating stage presence, charm and charisma…a perfectly balanced blend of passion and sensitivity of guts and tenderness, an unforgetable performance”