In a beautiful scene it is Pablo Neruda’s birthday and he receives an emotional audio tape of congratulations from his beloved friends in Chile; in the background Carlos Gardel is singing “Madreselva”…the message from his friends is, “we have come together to celebrate your birthday, to read your poems, to raise our glass and toast to you health”….“Madreselva”, composed by Francisco Canaro with lyrics by Luis Cesar Amadori, appears several times in the film…in a romantic  scene when the postman Mario Ruoppolo is visiting their house, Pablo Neruda and his beloved wife dance a tango to “Madreselva”…the dance continues outside with shots of the magnificent view of the island Salina where Il Postino was filmed….the dance is interrupted when Beatrice’s aunt shows up to confront Neruda for teaching Mario “metaphors” which have, “inflamed the girl like a stove”…


Later when the couple get married Pablo Neruda dances with Beatrice to “Madreselva” which is played by an accordion player…still later Mario returns to Neruda’s now empty house, plays “Madreselva” and imagines Neruda dancing with his wife again…”Il Postino” directed by Michael Radford  had great success internationally…for many years it was the largest grossing non-English language film ever made…it was nominated for five academy awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor…its lead actor Massimo Troisi suffering from serious heart disease, had to make a heroic effort to finish the film; he died forty-one days after the film was finished…the sound track was composed by Argentinean Luis Bacalov who won the academy award for the Best Original Music Score for “Il Postino”


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