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Singer, Lyricist, Composer (Gemini) – his father was happy and proud of his son; he had applied himself and was now a technician with a decent future but Juan Carlos Cobos was not happy…there was another voice inside of him; at work he sang constantly not always to the delight of his bosses and so at risk of greatly disappointing his father Juan did a crazy thing, enrolled in a local conservatory to study guitar and singing…at the age of seventeen he got his first break when he was hired by the Lucini Quartet…to eveyone’s delight audiences liked Juan and like his singing….Juan was then recruited by Ernesto Dario Saborido Orchestra and then began to develop a name for himself touring the region of Buenos Aires…in the early 1950s the dynamic Jorge Vidal decided to leave the Osvaldo Pugliese orchestra and so a campaign was engaged to find a replacement….


A friend of Juan’s told him of the opportunity and so he petitioned for the right to audition  with the great maestro; to his great surprise and delight, out of hundreds of candidates, he was selected…in March of 1953 he debuted with the orchestra and two months later in duo with Alberto Moran he recorded his first disc with “Caminito Soleado”…one month later, he recorded “Olvidao” and “Milongera” with moderate success but perhaps his best recording was his last with Pugliese, “Te Aconsejo Que Me Olvides”…he had a short tenure with Miguel Calò but he was restless…in the mid fiftys he went on a long and successful tour of Europe and he decided to settle in Spain…there he devoted frenetic energy to forming his own company of musicians and singers…he toured Europe very successfully and he found himself at the center of fame and fortune as he had never dreamed of …he was one of the first to take tango to the middle east in a successful tour which  included Egypt, Lebanon,  India and Senegal…but in the late 60s he had had enough and he returned to Argentina where he continued performing…he appeared on the renown TV show “Grandes Valores del Tango and performed, to critical acclaim, at the mythical Cano 14