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On June 23, 1935 on radio station “La Voz De La Victor” in Bogota Colombia, Carlos Gardel sang “Tomo Y Oblio”, a tango of his own composition with lyrics by the celebrated film director Manuel Romero…it was the last thing he sang for the next day he would die in the fiery airplane wreck in Medellin…”Tomo Y oblio” had been made it into a hit four years earlier in the film “Luces de Buenos Aires” which he filmed at Paramount Studios in Paris, France…this film which critics thought was poorly written, was Gardel’s first film for Paramount was what launched him into an international star; interestingly while Tomo Y Oblio was a hit, the script for the film, also written by Manuel Romero was poorly received…in the lyrics of  Tomo Y Oblio, a man tells of how much he is suffering for a woman and how women are not to be trusted as he invites his friend to drink with him to forget…


In real life of course, while Gardel who was associated with many women seems to have had little passion for them which seems to be confirmed in his flippant assertion in an interview six days before his death when he said, “I have loved many times and  I have pleasant memories, for in all my loves I have been happy”…Gardel’s longest relationship was with Isabel Del Valle and although she was asserted that she was Gardel’s only true love, the evidence suggests that there was little passion on his part…there is some evidence that he may in fact been homosexual…Eduardo Bonessi, Gardel’s voice teacher was to say of Gardel with deep sadness, “before leaving for his last tour in 1935, he was with me and told me that he was tired and did not want to sing anymore…he had had enough, the public made him nervous and he suffocated in sweat whenever he performed…his voice was strong and could have lasted for one hundred years but his spirit had been exhausted “