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Composer, Leader, Pianist (Taurus) – his “La Punalada”, a milonga, recorded by Juan D’arienzo in 1950 would become the first million selling tango in history…he would publish over 200 pieces most of which would be forgotten but “La Punalada” would render his name immortal…he premiered “La Punalada” one evening at the Carrasco Night Club where he played nightly…the story is told, that he felt that the crowd was impatient and wishing to finish playing he sped up the tempo whereby he noticed that the crowd began paying attention and thus discovering that he had a genuine hit…D’arienzo played it for the first time at the celebrated Cafe Tupi Nambà and recorded it for the first time on April 27, 1937…


However, it was when he re-recorded it six years later that it had an enormous success…the legendary Francisco Canaro recorded it twice, once as a tango and the second time as a milonga…it is estimated that “La Punalada” was recorded over 127 times…Pintin Castellanos was born in Montevideo where as a boy he was exposed to the negro candombe beat he heard on the streets; in fact it is precisely that beat, present in milongas, which is so mermerizing…at the age of fourteen he composed his first tango “El Pirata”, (the pirate)…in 1939 he formed his own orchestra which had Alfredo Gobbi as violinist…among his compositions were “El Pajaro Muerto” composed in homage to Carlos Gardel which was recorded by Charlo