Poet, Film Director ( Gemini) – he began to feel the winds of change as soon as the military dictatorship took over; oddly the telephone stopped ringing and his calls went unanswered…one day a military unit came and arrested him…he was suspected of being  a collaborator with the Juan Peron regime…he was eventually released but he got the message and he exiled himself to Spain…Luis Cesar Amador was one of the most prolific film directors in Argentine history…his made his first film “Puerto Nuevo” in 1936 with Sofia Bozan and Charlo; seventy-seven others were to follow over a twenty year career….his greatest film was “Dios Se Lo Paque” with Zully Moreno and Arturo De Cordoba; it was Argentina’s entry into the Oscar awards in 1949


Luis Cesar Amadori was born in the city of Pescara, Italy; he arrived with his family in Buenos Aires when he was five years old…he enter the university in Cordoba but he was restless and he soon dropped out to devote himself to writing and journalism…he began writing for the evening newspaper “Ultima Ora” and later the renown magazine “Caras Y Caretas”…it was while reporting on theater activities and it is there that he discovered his love of script writing; he authored a number of popular plays…he would also pen the lyrics of many tangos working with Enrique Santos Discepolo on a number of hits…he also worked with Francisco Canaro, Alfredo Malerba and Luis Rubenstein to name just a few; Carlos Gardel would record five of his tangos…in 1955 he shot his last two films “El Barro Humano” in which he directed his wife, the popular actress Zully Moreno and “El Amore Nunca Muere” a three episode film which cast the most renown actors of the time…he was the owner of the celebrated Teatro Maipo which together with the Teatro Nacional were the most prestigious performance halls in Argentina


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