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The lunfardo lyrics of “Che Papusa Oi”, written by the legendary Enrique Cadicamo, describe a pretentious, high society, beautiful girl flaunting her use of cocaine, “prissé” in lunfardo, like a high society woman…in fact in harkens back to the times when cocaine use was legal and associated with the sophisticated classes….but, the lyrics continue, “it does not hide the desperation in your heart”…the music was composed by Gerardo Matos Rodriguez  who as a seventeen year old boy would compose the immortal “Cumparsita”…recorded by Julio Sosa with the Armando Pontier orchestra, both of whom, interestingly, would meet tragic deaths…at the pinnacle of his career, Sosa would die at the age of  thirty-eight in a car wreck; Armando Pontier would commit suicide on Christmas Day in 1983


Julio Sosa was born into a dirt poor family and already as a child he worked at many menial jobs to help the family but he loved to sing…he auditioned for Armando Pontier singing “Tengo Miedo” and was hired; a major break…more than once he had been warned about his penchant for driving fast; when he died he was awaiting his first European tour and was very much in love with a new girlfriend…Armando Pontier was the composer of some of the most beautiful tangos in history, “Trenzas” and  “Corazon No Le Hagas Caso” for example…depression was a problem he had battled with for many years…Cadicamo was arqueably the greatest tango lyicist of all time…his first tango “Pompas De Jabon” with music by Roberto Goyeneche was recorded by Carlos Gardel…interestingly, Cadicamo’s great hit “Madam Yvonne” was Gardel’s last tango recorded in Argentina before his tragic death in an airplane crash



las_obras/Tema.aspx?id=/feumn19yZw= to hear Julio Sosa sing “Che Papusa Oi!” with the Armando Pontier Orchestra