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1936, June 6 – Aguilar’s Statement on Carlos Gardel’s Airplane Crash !

What was the real cause of the airplane crash that killed Carlos Gardel in Medellin, Colombia on June 24, 1935 ?…there is a bit of mystery on that question…the only survivor of Gardel’s F-31 three engine airplane was guitarist Jose Maria Aguilar…on June 6, 1936 in an interview with Novela magazine he is quoted as saying that the tragedy had occurred because of an old rivalry between the respective pilots of the two airplanes involved; in a risky move, Gardel’s pilot had taunted the opposing airplane on take off and had lost contol…this was widely believed to be the cause…however, Isabel del Valle, Gardel’s longest standing girlfriend, in her book “Ser Gardel” said that she had heard from Aguilar himself another version…that Gardel and Le Pera had argued, that Gardel had told him that he was fired whereupon Le Pera drew a gun and shot at Gardel but that the bullet hit the pilot instead and hence the crash


Sixteen people died in the ensuing fiery wreck; Aguilar, the only survivor from Gardel’s plane, was blinded and disfigured for the rest of his life…Aguilar had worked for Gardel on and off for seventeen years but the relationship was not always an easy one and in fact Gardel had already dismissed him…however for the South American tour to promote his new film “El Dia Que Me Quieras”, he had summoned him once again, along with two other guitarists because of him immense talent…Aguilar was born in Montevideo and was not only an outstanding guitarist but a composer and a singer as well…in the years following the accident, Aguilar on different ocassions offered differing stories about that tragic day…he was also the source of one of the rumors suggesting that Gardel was a homosexual….in December of 1951 he was run over by a car and died in the hospital from complications