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1893, October 13 – BIRTH OF “TANIA”

By her own admission, Tania was superior and condescending toward the portenos when she came to Buenos Aires in 1927…she was an important Spanish singer and dancer and all the portenos, in contrast to their posturing and bravado, could speak about was how to find the money to put on a simple play…she finally lent them the money…but there was one man who was different; shy, timid, self-effacing the legendary Enrique Santos Discepolo would win her heart…”Chachi”, she would call him…but the worldly Tania had to be patient; there was a bit of protocol…there were the invitations to his house with the chaperones…the invites to tea with friends present and finally the day when he said, somewhat apologetically, “I have rented a small apartment on my own, would you like to come for coffee”…she went, she said packing night-clothes for one evening prepared to return the next day but as she was to say, “I stayed forever”….theirs would be a storybook relationship, until he died of a broken heart when his friends abandoned him for his support of Peronism


“Tania”, born Anna Luciana Divis in Toledo Spain (Libra), to a father who was a military officer…motivated by sibling rivalry, to compete with her older sister who was an opera singer, she studied singing and acting….Tania, renown for her sense of humor, became a famous singer of “cuples”, brief satirical Spanish songs…her first husband was a famous dancer whose stage name was “Mexican”; together they formed  ”Tania-Mexican Dancing Partners”….Discepolo first laid eyes on her at the “Follies Bergere” where she was singing “Esta Noche Me Emborracho” a tango for which Discepolo wrote both the music and the lyrics…she would later record, to great acclaim, his “Cafetin De Buenos Aires”…it was Jose Razzano who made the formal introduction between them….she would become friends with Juan and Eva Peron and appear in three films…she had a famous conflict with Tita Merello when the later chose to testify on behalf of Discepolo’s son over an inheritance dispute…while Discepolo died young at the age of 50, she lived until the age of 106…when asked the secret of her longevity she answered, “I always have a whiskey with lunch”