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Like Rodolfo Valentino, dancing tango turned Brigitte Bardot into a sex symbol and a legendary star; albeit a stylized tango in a caribbean style rythm…the memorable scene, in the film “And God Created Woman” in 1956 in which she dances wildly in a bar frequented by prostitutes, titillated male audiences and became one of the most provocative scenes in cinematic history…Bardot’s explosive sexuality turned her into an international sex symbol…Bardot had an affair with co-starr Jean Louis Trintignant even though she was married director Roger Vadim….it was Vadim who discovered her and through personal and directorial influcence created the legend “Brigitte Bardot”; she would later divorce him…she was to say many years later, “he taught me to be free and as a result I left him for another man”…Bardot would have a continuous flow of lovers and several marriages…it was in her marriage to actor Jacques Charrier that she had her only child of whom she said, “I was not ready to be a mother”…he was raised by his father


Vadim had seen her by chance in Elle Magazine where she appeared as a then 15 year old model and began to  purse her….her father strenuously objected at one point threatening Vadim with a gun…Bardot would later say that it was the trauma from this incident, that would be the cause of her sucide attempts including the one where she slashes her wrists and takes a copious number of sleeping pills…she grew up in an observant catholic home; her father was an engineer and her mother had studied dancing and encouraged these interests in the young Bardot…in her early years Bardo dreamed of being a ballet dancer…at the age of 40 Bardot appeared in Playboy in a nude layout…Bob Dylan would dedicate to her, the first song he ever composed….in later years, besides being know for her animal rights campaign, she made headlines with her comments against homeless people, homosexuals and moslem immigration and influence in her country…the French philosopher and writer Simone De Beauvoir called her a “Locomotive of women’s history…the most liberated woman in post war France”