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1907, October 8 – PREMIERE OF “EL SARTORIO”

It did not take long for the ingenuity of mankind to realize the potential of applying film making to pornography…in 1899, in Paris, only four years after the invention of motion pictures, Eugene Pirou and Albert Kirchner produced the first porno film, “Le Coucher De La Marie” (The Bridegrooms dilemma)…it starred Louise Willy as a prostitute who does a strip tease…in fact the word “pornography” was part of the French language in the early 1800s… it entered the English language in 1857….erotic depictions are as old as civilization; venus figurines and sexual rock art have existed from pre-historic times…the 1860s excavation of Pompei uncovered highly erotic art that so scandalized the world, that the artifacts were sealed in secret rooms…”Fanny Hill”, written by John Cleland in 1748 was the first pornography novel and became one of the most prosecuted and banned books in history


“El Sartorio”, produced in Buenos Aires in 1907, is the earlier surviving porn film and is possibly the first to use extreme close ups…in it, three young women are bathing nude in a river and they eventually all have sex with each other…the devil appears and forces one of the women to give him oral sex…he then has sex with all three women…Tango, of course has always had a strong sexual element beginning with the fact that one of its strong influences were the houses of prostitution…in the early part of the century, there were hundreds of thousands of lonely singe men who had come to Buenos Aires to work and this naturally gave rise to a thriving prostitution industry and many tangos have some form of sexuality as their theme…the great classic “A Media Luz” (in darkened light) for example, speaks of an apartment in downtown Buenos Aires which is used for sexual escapades…there is of course the ironic coincidence that Alberto Castillo, one of the most popular tango singers in history was in fact a gynecologist by profession…in 1913 Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany forbade his officers from dancing tango…perhaps the film which most strongly associates tango with sexuality is the 1972 classic “Last Tango In Paris” which was actually banned and its copies confiscated in some countries


CLICK HERE – to watch a short Spanish  erotic film from the 1920s