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People loved to tell the story that in heaven Jorge Falcon and Hector Varela shook hands and played mischievous pranks on the angels….there had been a mystical bond between the two, the grand orchestra leader and his shy, handsome talented singer…in fact it was when Hector Varela took in Jorge Falcon that his career began to bloom and his fame began to skyrocket…his was a meteoric rise ending abruptly at the age of 37 when, an advanced cancer, caused him to  faint while driving; he died in the hospital the next day leaving behind a young wife and son…Jorge Falcon had fought valiantly from the moment he was diagnosed with the cancer and he put up a confident front to his beloved wife Alicia Capuzzo…Jorge’s precocious talent was recognized early and encouraged by supporting parents; still only a child he was invited to sing in Parque Chacabuco neighborhood festivals where he was born…


He made his first recording at the age of 13…soon after, out of hundreds of contestants, he won a singing contest on TV station 7 by singing “Malevo”…he had brief engagements with a number of orchestras but it was with the one lead  by Gabriel “Chula” Clausi that he had his first successful recording,  “Desecho De Amor”…in 1977, with Hector Varela he had his first major hit, the milonga, “Azucar, Pimieta Y Sal” composed by bandoneonist Tito Rossi…it is said that it was out of a deep fatherly love for the Jorge, that Hector Varela fired him so that he might reach his full potential as a soloist…in fact, in the opinion of critics, his best recording was “El Amor Desolado” and it was one he made as a soloist….Jorge Falcon had had the first symptoms of his cancer when, during a performance in Rosario, Argentina, he fainted…he underwent state of the art treatment but in the end he succumbed on July 2, 1987…his mentor Hector Varela, himself mentored by the legendary Juan D’arienzo, joined him just a few months later