Psychologist tell us that successful people share certain traits in common, enthusiasm, focus and the ability to overcome setbacks…Donato Racciatti (Libra) was blessed with these qualities and unlike so many of his contemporaries, when he finally passed away at the age of 81, he was content and serene, beloved by his fans and the people of Montevideo…for every successful orchestra like those of D’arienzo, Fresedo, Troilo, hundreds tried and failed in a highly competitive and fickle field…born in the Aires Puros neighborhood of Montevideo, early on he demonstrated precocious musical ability and although pressured by his parents to pursue a more secure career, he was determined to make music his life’s vocation…he pursued his studies in bandoneon with unusual passion…a key point in his career occurred at the age of 22 when he was recruited by the Laurenz Casella Orchestra…soon after that he found himself leading the orchestra of singer Luis Alberto Fleitas…at the age of 30 he put together his own orchestra to which he devoted himself with unbridled passion…


He hired a young bandoneonist named Raul Jaurena who would in time become one of the most successful exports to New York City where he would have a renown and stellar career…his first recording was “Conocen Estos Compasses” (Do you Know These rhythms) composed by Horacio Marquez…on the other side was the candombe “El Pregon Del Negrito” which he personally composed…he was to become immensely popular first on local radio stations and later in Buenos Aires’s mythical Radio Belgrano and Radio El Mundo…like his fellow countryman Francisco Canaro, he began external forays with tours in Brazil…his most prolific period was between 1953 and 1960 with notable vocalists like Nina Miranda, Luis Correa, Nestor Real and Carlos Roldan…as a composer some of his best work was done in collaboration with lyricist Federico Silva…some of his best known compositions include “Vencida”, “Sin Estrellas” and the immortal “Hasta Siempre Amore” which was a major hit for Carlos Di Sarli with the voice of Horacio Casares


  • CLICK HERE –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0Byu_tTB1w  to hear one of Donato Racciatti’s greatest hits “Hasta Siempre Amore”  played by the Juan D’arienzo orchestra….lyrics by Federico Silva
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  2. January 5th, 2012

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