On October 11, 1957 Nina Miranda was the happiest woman in the world…she had just married the love of her life….for 46 years they would have a good marriage…however, for love she made one big sacrifice; she ended a promising singing career…her new husband had asked to her leave singing, “continue, what for….you have everything”, he had said….in 2004 her husband died…in her deep remorse she turned to singing again and to her surprise she discovered that her voice was intact and at the age of 79 she returned to the stage to the delight of a grateful public…four years later, in a dream come true, she found herself singing before ecstatic crowds in France, England, China and Brasil…as a child she loved to sing and she would recount the story when once, in church, at the age of three, she suddenly began singing a tango she had heard on the radio to the embarrassment of her mother, a devout catholic…


At the  age of 15, while watching her idol Libertad Lamarque in the film “Puerta Cerrada”, she decided that one day when she was a professional singer she would adopt as a stage name, the name of Libertad’s character in the film “Nina Miranda”… her first break came when she was invited to sing with an all girls group “Las Golondrinas” with whom she toured Latin America…in 1952 while waiting in a studio for colleague Ernesto Fama, the orchestra leader noticed her and asked her to substitute immediately in a recording session for a singer that did not work out…she protested saying, “but I don’t know the music, I haven’t practised it”…he responded, “you have a natural ear, you’ll do fine” (in fact she was completely self-taught)…the piece recorded that day,  “Maula”, became an instant hit…this led to an invitation to perform in the play “Tu Cuna Fue Un Conventillo” which had great success and where she premiered another hit “Tu Corazon”…many events followed including the creation of her own group…she wrote the lyrics to the tango “No Hagas Caso a La Gente” and the music to “Cancion Para Mi Amor” which was recorded by Colombian star Mirta Perez


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  2. November 14th, 2011

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