It seemed a night like any other night when Roberto Goyeneche “El Polaco” went to the milonga in his neighborhood of Saavedra…but soon after he walked in, something drew his attention to a demure, well manicured girl chatting with her friends…he walked up to her, asked her to dance and they began to talk; they would marry on June 21, 1948…forty six years later as he laid in her arms breathing his last breath he said to her “I was born amidst song, I have lived with song and I wish to die with song, sing to me”...she sang a classic child’s lullaby to him…after a moment of silence, with a piercing blue gaze, he whispered “thank you” …she leaned forward and kissed him as he closed his eyes for the last time; it was 2:00 PM, August 27, 1994…his son Roberto reported that the 20 canaries that he cared for with so much tenderness, were found dead the next day…Luisa had married him when he was still a bus driver…he had had a taste of success as a singer; at the age of sixteen he had auditioned for the Raul Kaplan orchestra with “Corrientes Y Esmeralda” at the Cabaret Montecarlo and had been hired…


He had made some recording and even had successful appearances on Radio Belgrano but the work was unreliable and there was much competition….with a new marriage and a baby on the way Roberto decided  that he had to be responsible and gave up singing to devote himself to “serious” work…his morning job was driving a bus…one particular morning, serenading passengers as he was wont to do, he began singing “Mano A Mano”, a song written by Carlos Gardel in 1923…Horacio Salgan’s representative Justo Jose Otero happened to be on the bus and was taken by Roberto’s voice…he invited him to an audition before the maestro who hired him immediately…Roberto Goyeneche would go on to become one of the greatest tango singers of all time, beloved by the public, a legend in his own time…Luisa would pass away in 2004…”El Polaco” is survived by two sons Roberto Emilio and Jorge Luis, one granddaughter Lorena Alessandra and one great-granddaughter Sabrina Araceli


  1. Goyeneche’s widow is alive!

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