Leader, Violinist (Capricorn) – almost from the moment he was born, his father noticed his sensitive, contemplative nature and he was especially doting on young Fernando…when he noticed his keen musical interest he bought him a violin; Fernando was only five years old…still his dream was that one day Fernando would become a doctor…years later when Fernando informed him that he would devote his life to music, he was more than a little disappointed and concerned for his son’s future; still he said nothing and vowed support for his beloved son…little did he suspect that one day that five-year old boy, not much bigger than the violin he held in his hand, would grow up to be a respected musician all over the world earning awards and recognitions including a Grammy and a seven star rating from the New York Times for his tenure with Gary Burton performing in jazz festivals all over the world….


A key point in his career occurred when the legendary Astor Piazzolla, looking for a violinist for his Quinteto Nuevo Tango, chose Fernando from among innumerable candidates…he would tour and record with Piazzolla for 10 years traveling all over the world…he was one of Astor’s favorite musicians honoring him with a personal dedication in his composition “Escualo”…Fernando, born in the town of Ramos Mejia in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, was to say years later about his mentor “to play with Piazzolla for a musician is the maximum experience possibile..playing with piazzolla I was truly happy”...from a very young age Fernando’s devotion to music was total, resulting at the age of 17, in a seat with the prestigious LRA Juvenile Symphonic Orchestra; shortly thereafter, he was then accepted for the first violins of the Buenos Aires Symphonic Orchestra…he has played with some of the most notables in tango including Horacio Salgan, Miguel Calò, Anibal Troilo….the renown composer Gabriel Senanes  wrote for Fernando “Concierto En Canto Negroriano” for violin and orchestra and recorded it with Fernando as guest artist.


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