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“Wow! There is some real electricity in here” was director Damon Santostefano’s thought when he had actress Selena Gomez and actor Drew Seeley read for this romantic comedy “there was immediate Rodolfo Valentino type chemistry which, by the way, hardly ever happens; I got chills down my spin”…in fact the critics were surprised by the overall quality of the film which was expected to be just another teenage bubblegum offering…according to one reviewer the best part of the film was the tango scene they danced together, “offset with some sexy steam-filled tango” she said…noted critic Amber Wilkinson of “Eye For Film” gave the film 4 out of 5 stars…Another Cinderella Story is the classic Cinderella story but set in a modern world where the glass slipper is substituted by an Ipod…the sound track reached number eight on the billboard charts…it ranked number one for cable films that month and reached 5.3 million homes across all key demos.


Actress Selena Gomez was discovered in Dallas, Texas in a nationwide search when she was 12 years old by the Disney Channel; it was at this age that she started wearing a “purity ring” which is a promise to remain chaste until marriage…her career has exploded into movies, pop star recordings, her own production company, her own fashion line…in August 2009, a 17-year-old Selena became the youngest UNICEF  ambassador ever…in her first official field mission, Selena traveled to Ghana for a week to witness first-hand the stark conditions of vulnerable children that lack vital necessities including clean water, nourishment, education and healthcare….the choreographer was Michelle Johnson who worked with Rob Marshall in the academy award-winning “Chicago“…Damon Santostefano who directed the critically acclaimed “Last Man Running”, has directed off broadway stage productions and was a stand up comedian in his hometown of Boston