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1970 January 28 – BIRTH OF CARLA ALGERI

Composer, Leader, Bandoneonist (Aquarius) – in one of life’s rare mystical moments, one day while she was strolling along Piazza San Martin her curiosity was piqued by a photo exhibit; she was astonished to see that an award-winning photo prominently on display, was in fact a photo of her with her quartet on stage….that was the same quartet with which she had half heartedly entered in a contest and which, to her amazement, had won first place…there had been a period in her life where she had decided that her beloved tango had an ever diminishing future and she immersed herself  in engineering studies but ever since, when as a little girl, she had happened upon an ageless bandoneonist with one foot on a water fountain, head bowed she had developed a love for the sound of the bandoneon…from then on her childhood dream had been playing bandoneon in a Paris subway; many years would pass before she began to fulfill that destiny…it was non other than Lidia Pugliese, the wife of Osvaldo Pugliese who had recommended renown bandoneonist Rodolfo Maderos as her first teacher.


Carla Algeri was born in the town of Burzaco, just outside of Buenos Aires to a tango tainted family whose members’ asado cookouts were grand occasions of guitar playing, singing and dancing….her grandfather Sebastian was a church organ repairman and a respected barritone…on New Years Day it was the family custom to play Osvaldo Pugliese’s classic “La Yumba” in ritual-like manner to invoke good luck…with loving support from her father, she started studying first guitar and then piano; for a time Pugliese himself was her teacher…in an act of bravado, it would be she, years late, to suggest to Maestro Maderos  to form his own orchestra; along with Carla, they debuted at the San Miguel Palace…Maderos had become a paternal figure to her and one day he encouraged her to launch a solo career…with tremendous will and sacrifice, all the while caring for her two beloved sons, she began knocking on doors; out of her devotion and talent emerged several key mentors…She would become the musical director for the show  “Buenos Aires de Tango” with which she toured Europe and Latin America ….in Medellin, Colombia she formed a tango orchestra and a bandoneon school; in 2010 she formed her own tango orchestra which has been widely haled…she says, “from the moment I open my eyes each morning, I am certain of two things, the love for my two sons Sebastian and Nicola and my love for tango”