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This tango waltz was the first hit for  Dr. Alberto De Luca, gynecologist who in the evening was the idolized singer Alberto Castillo…two years earlier he had decided to quit singing altogether to devote himself to his medical studies….he was seduced to come back by an invitation from Ricardo Tanturi to join his important orchestra….”Recuerdo” was also the first major hit for the Tanturi orchestra; Tanturi, interestingly was himself a dentist…Castillo was to remain with Tanturi for five years producing some notable hits during that period…a year after the release of “Recuerdo”, Alberto graduates from medical school and becomes a board certified gynecologist…he tried to practise medicine but in the mornings he would find his studio full of young ladies waiting to see him and he finally and reluctantly had to give up medicine and devote himself exclusively to singing…there was one famous incident in 1944 whereby, for a concert at the Teatro Alvear, the swarm of people waiting to get in was so huge, that the police had to call in extra forces to control traffic…..


Alberto was also a naturally gifted actor; he made 12 films starting with “Adios Pampa Mia” in 1946…Alberto Castillo was born in the neighborhood of Floresta, Buenos Aires, the fifth child of immigrants from Teggiano, Italy…very early on he demonstrated great musical ability; he took violin lesson and had the habit of singing no matter where he was or what he was doing…when he was 15 years old he was singing with a group of friends on a street corner when the guitarist Armando Neira happened by and was immediately struck by the voice of the young boy; he invited him to sing with his group….And thus began his career at the age of 15 using the alias Alberto Dual to protect him from his severe father who wanted him to seek a career in medicine