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1926, January 21- PREMIERE “ME MIRO EN TUS OJOS”

Singer Juan Carlos Marambio Catan never let the bright lights of a successful career sway his natural humility  and when in 1943 he had had enough and withdrew from singing, he did it as he had lived, with humility…interestingly he became the subject of a minor popular controversy; whether or not his had been the voice in the catchy Geniol radio commercials which had so invaded the public waves; coyly, he never said…he was however the voice of the tango “Me Miro En Tus Ojos” (I see myself in your eyes) which premiered on January 21, 1926 at the Teatro Smart in the stage play “Carne de Vicio”; both the tango and the play were written by Ricardo Hicken who in time would become a pioneer writer and director in Argentinean film history…in fact his film “Los Caballeros del Cemento” was the first Argentinean film to be distributed by Hollywood


Juan Carlos Marambio Catan was born in the town of Bahia Blanca and began singing in the local cafes when he was still a child…he made his professional singing debut in Paraguay…on May 26, 1924 he cut his first recording for the Victor company accompanied by the Agusto Berto Orchestra; his selections were “Perjura” and ” Tengo Celos”…that same year, it was he who sang “Bizochito” the first tango written by the legendary Enrique Santos Discepolo…eventually his career would take him all over the world including a European tour and a stopover in Egypt with the Julio de Caro orchestra….as a lyricist he had some notable successes like “El Monito” and  “Buen Amigo but his masterpiece “Acquaforte”, which was a hit for both Carlos Gardel and Agustin Magaldi, would assure that his name never be forgotten…in the latter part of his life, he moved to the city of Mendoza where he became a school teacher where he was much admired for his devotion to his students.