1949, September 19 – BIRTH OF SALLY POTTER

She had a dream; to become a film director…a beguiling voice beckoned teenager Sally Potter’s gentle, sensitive nature…she was restless; she felt as if she was wasting her time but her options were limited; she had no money…what to do…one day she made a decision, to the astonishment of everyone around her, she courageously quit school and joined the London Film Makers Co-Op…and then she had a unique insight; inspired by a comment by celebrated French film critic Andre Bazin that “the essence of cinema is movement”, she decided to study dance and choreography; she enrolled at the London School of Contemporary Dance…in time would emerge one of the most visionary and creative film directors in the history of film…a polymath of film, she wrote, directed, produced, composed, danced, choreographed and starred in her films succeeding  in fiercely competitive and often closed world…


At the age of 19 she began to be noticed with two short films “Jerk” and “Play”; others were to follow continuing to hone her skills and becoming more adept at transferring her vision on to celluloid…it finally all came together for “Orlando” which premiered in 1992…based on a Virginia Wolf novel by the same name it was nominated for two academy awards and won 25 international awards…noted film critic Roger Ebert said of the film, “it was directed with sly grace and quiet elegance”…her next film “The Tango Lesson” came out of her passionate love of tango awaked in her by the music of Astor Piazzolla…its success helped spur the world-wide reawakening of the tango boom…for this film, largely autobiographical, she directed, wrote, starred, danced and even sang the final song of the film…she discovered dancer Pablo Veron who today is probably the best known tango dancer in the world…she said of the film, “I wanted to create authenticiy…to get very close to the bone, to the skin of what tango is”


  1. September 25th, 2011
  2. October 17th, 2011

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