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Lorenzo Lamarque, the father of Libertad Lamarque, was a fiery anarchist with impassioned political ideas for which he endured hardships…one day he accepted into his theater company a young aspiring actor and singer Agustin Irusta who would one day become , perhaps the most widely popular tango singer of his time…one of Agustin’s first compositions “Chilenito” would become Libertad Lamarque’s first recording…interestingly, both Agustin and Libertad would become immensely popular in Mexico…Libertad would finally settle in Mexico and Agustin in Venezuela…the two would cross paths in their careers: in 1939 they would star in “Puerta Cerrada”, a highly successful film directed by Luis Saslavsky and produced by Angel Mentasti’s Argentina Sono Film producers of the mythical “Tango” six years earlier…in “Puerta Cerrada” Libertad Lamarque plays a woman who is released from prison 20 years after having been falsely accused of having murdered her husband played by Agustin Irusta


Libertad Lamarque, like Agustin Irusta was born in the city of Rosario, Argentina to a French immigrant who married a woman with six children; Libertad was their only mutual child…he created a home, not only of fiery political idea but of music and literature as well…he started his daughter in theater at the age of seven where she frequently acted in his own provocative plays…by the age of 12 Libertad was already beloved by the public for her singing and acting…by the age of 18 she had attained fame as a professional actress and singer, had given birth to a daughter and was in the middle of a messy divorce…in 1935 she may have tried to commit suicide by jumping from a building; luckily an awning broke her fall and saved her life…the output in Libertad’s career is mind-boggling, over 800 recordings, 65 films and even the screenwriter for her film “Ayudame a Vivir”…she died at the age of 92 in Mexico City while performing in a “telenovela