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1896, September 13 – BIRTH OF TITO LUSIARDO

The centennial, celebrated with great splendor on May 25, 1910, was a time of great hope in Argentina…the country was thriving and historians saw a great nation in the making…in Europe it was common to refer to a man of means as “he is rich like Argentinean”…Spain considered it important enough to send its beloved Princess Isabela De Borbon y Borbon whose ill-fated and epileptic husband Count Cayetano had committed suicide 40 years earlier…during the grand ceremonial procession, one of the boys carrying the train of the dress of the princess was 14-year-old Tito Lusiardo…it was an exhilarating experience for a boy who had grown up in the tenements of Buenos Aires…indeed it was from an early age that Tito’s exuberance and captivating personality began to open doors for him…eventually his extraordinary capacity as an actor and tango dancer would make him a legend…


Along the way, he would become one of only a handful of intimate friends of Carlos Gardel…in fact when Tito finally died after a long, storybook career at the age of 86, as per his death-bed request, on his funeral car hung the portrait of Carlos Gardel…he began learning his craft as a stage hand at the Teatro Nacional….at the age of 22 he got his first break when he was included in the play “El Cabaret” for which he had to borrow a tuxedo…critics began to notice him in Alberto Vaccarezza’s “Tu Cuna Fue Un Conventillo” (which was also the place where celebrated singer Nina Miranda began to make her mark) but it was his performance in Ivo Pelay’s “De Gabino a Gardel” which cemented his career…throughout his career he played essentially the same character, the loveable rogue who danced tango…his dancing partners included Tita Merello, Olinda Bozan and Beba Bidart…he would star in over 40 films including classics like “Idolos De La Radio”, “Dancing” and “Con La Musica En El Alma” but he is best remembered for his performance in two Gardel films “El Dia Que Me Quieras” in which he sang the waltz “Suerte Negra”and “Tango Bar”