c. 1975, October 17 – BIRTH OF PABLO VERON

Dancer – In September of 2009 while he was seated at the famous All Night Milonga in New York city, a fan came up to his table, asked him to dance and when he refused she assailed him verbally, threw a glass of wine at him and slapped him whereupon he slapped her back….such are the vicissitudes of fame of  which he has said, “I do not see myself like a celebrity at all. I don’t like people seeing me that way, I never looked for fame, it is just not my dream”


But famous he is; perhaps the best known tango dancer in the world today….Early on he was considered a  young tap-dance prodigy and he was sent to New York by his parents to continue his studies…his first professional job was in the musical comedy “Evita” in 1986…two years later he in his first film, ” Cepayos”, he is a member of  a troupe of tango dancers which commit acts of political sabotage…the seminal event in his career however was when English film director Sally Potter sought him out for tango lessons and from there the idea was born for the semi autobiographical film “Tango Lesson” whose immense success skyrocketed his career…Pablo say, “a good tango dancer is someone who has respect for the woman; he adapts himself to her, he makes her feel that she is the best dancer, he dances for her”


  1. What a great idea to write little tango stories every day.

    Actually this film “The Tango Lesson” got me started with dancing tango in November 1997. 2 days after I saw it I went to my first milonga ever in Bonn (Germany): Pauke.

    Best regards,

  2. thanks Barbel…hopefully we can meet and dance some day…I love Germany and its tango scene….the Germans are perhaps the best tango dancers in Europe, all things considered

  3. Oh, by the way, we are traveling to different cities to do our Zen based tango seminare….I shall be in Federicia on 29 October for a 3 day seminar…I shall make a stop in Copenhagen on the 27 of Octtober…perhaps we could meet for a coffee

  4. We attended a workshop with Pablo in San Diego a few months back. Not only is he a fantastic dancer, but he is a wonderful teacher as well.

    One of the ladies in our community had the pleasure of taking a private lesson with him, and it absolutely transformed her dancing.

  5. Thanks for your magnificent comments Arlene…other than Italians, Jews really were a key component in the creation of tango…I know that Pablo reads Today In Tango and perhaps he will respond to you…come visit us in Rome sometime…have a nice day !

    • Marcella Caveney
    • September 22nd, 2014

    I met Mr. Veron in Chicago years ago and found him to be kind and jenerous. Thank You. Mrs. Marcella Caveney

  6. Marcella Caveney :
    I met Mr. Veron in Chicago years ago and found him to be kind and generous. Thank You. Mrs. Marcella Caveney

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