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1936, September 10 – PREMIERE OF “RADIO BAR”

Director Manuel Romero was not a nice person…like Carlos Di Sarli, he had a terrible temper and was difficult to work for….he tended to work frenetically, writing as he went along and finishing a film as soon as possible; perhaps he was motivated by his considerable gambling debts…he was immensely prodigious in his career; he was to make 53 films…he relied on the same formula: simple, heart-wrenching scripts complete with the poor boy in love with a rich girl who is being pursued by the cavalier son of the local tycoon all of it contrasted by a good dose of comedy and lots of tangos; the critics hated it, the people loved it…Romero (born Sept 21, 1891 Virgo), son of impoverished Andalusian immigrants, began as a teenage journalist at the mythical “Fray Mocho”…


He penned the lyrics to some of the most beloved tangos including “Aquel Tapado De Armino”, “Buenos Aires” and “Tomo Y Obligo” which was the last tango that Carlos Gardel sang before his tragic death in Medellin…he was also a successsful playwriter producing around 180 plays…Radio Bar, considered one of his best films, was a parade of the most popular radio stars of the day… it is a comedy set in a radio studio and night club satirizing radio sponsors… the film was conceived as a vehicle for catapulting singer Alberto Vila  into Gardelian like, international success and indeed critics liked him very much…like Sir Ivan Wilzig, Vila was a banker who became a singer…Vila was a bank official in Montevideo who loved to sing and one day, to his astonishment, he won an audition to become the singer for the group Atienenses…he would eventually leave show business at the height of a successful career to become a businessman…Radio Bar features the orchestra of renown violinist Elvino Vardaro including a 22 year old Anibal Troilo


  • CLICK HERE –  to see a clip from“Radio Bar” in which Gloria Guzman sings with Juan Carlos Thorry