1928, December 13 – BIRTH OF HUGO DUVALL

Singer (Sagittarius) – he was beginning to wonder if it was all worth it, the nightly treks to tango singing contests in tea rooms, a long-standing Buenos Aires tradition, when one particular evening, the violinist Raul Kaplun happened to come into the tea house where he was  singing and was quite taken by what he saw as the proper level of emotion in interpreting tangos; he invited him to audition with his orchestra which he eventually asked him to join…it was his first break…Hugo Duval, born Luciano Hugo Giurbino to poor italian immigrant parents, decided early on that he wanted to become a singer and began to devote his time to learning the music and the lyrics of his favorite tangos on the radio….at the age of 17 he began to be hired for neighborhood festivals and family celebrations; he soon acquired a small following…


His fans encouraged him to participate in the “numeros vivos” which, by mandate of law, were brief live acts inserted into the cinemas between intermisions…an important milestone was when he debuted on Radio Belgrano  alongside another young, aspiring singer Roberto Goyeneche; the radio station began to receive requests for his “beautiful, romantic voice”…his major break occurred in 1950 when the legendary Rodolfo Biagi invited him to join his orchestra…he would remain with Biagi for 13 years and it would be the most fruitful period of his career…on September 13 1950 he made his debut on record with “Serenata Campera” a waltz by Feliciano Brunelli…he was with Biagi on the occasion of his memorable last performance on August 2, 1969, at a ball held at the Club Hurlingham; one month later Biagi would pass away…it is with Biagi that he had some of  his greatest hits  ”Bailarina de Tango”, Sangre de Mi Sangre”, Triste Comedia”, “Adoracion”


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