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1924, September 26 – BIRTH OF LAGRIMA RIOS

Singer (Libra) – of mixed african descent, she was born to very humble surroundings  in Durazno, Uruguay…as a child she and her mother moved to “Barrio Sur”, Montevideo the legendary black neighborhood home also to two other pioneers of tango Modesto Ocampo and Carlos Olmedo…Lagrima would recall, as a child, having met Carlos Gardel in his celebrated visit there…for her entire life, through worldwide travels, she remained faithfully tethered to her candombe neighborhood…


She started singing at the age of 18 performing folk songs and tangos…in 1945 her first break came when she was invited to join the famous Alberto Mastra Trio…a series of kudos and awards  followed, culminating in important contracts for radio and night clubs…in 1960 she formed an a capella negro spiritual group “Brindis de Sala” which had great success for 10 years…critically acclaimed television appearances and european tours followed where she was especially active in anti racism campaigns…among her various personal tragedies, was an estrangement for many years from a beloved son, born out-of-wedlock, who had emigrated to Sweden


1940, September 24 – BIRTH OF AMELITA BALTAR

Singer (Libra) – born in Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires, she had originally set her sights on becoming a professional school teacher….she had contemporaneously studied guitar and singing and in time she realized that this would be her life’s vocation…her first break came when she was accepted into the “Quinteto Sombras” , a folk group, with whom she would make her first recordings….In the early 1968, now as a soloist, she cut her first LP for which she was awarded the first prize at the Festival del Disco in Mar del Plata.


When Astor Piazzolla, looking for a substitute singer  for his opera “Maria de Buenos Aires” (the original singer had been his lover and they had broken up)  came to hear her,  it is said that the first thing that impressed him were her legs but it was her mezzo-soprano, sensual voice which earned her an invitation  to join the company…in fact, her  interpretation of  “Ballada Para un Loco” would become Piazzolla’s  first popular hit; it would turn Amelita into an international star…in midst of all this, would develop as well, a love affair with Piazzolla


1902, September 16 – birth of ANITA PALMERO

Singer, composer (Virgo) – born in Ronda, Andalusia Spain…when she was 15, her mother died and the destitute family moves to  Casa Blanca…it is there, and then Gibraltar,  that, at a very early age she began singing on stage…in 1925 a break came when she was accepted in the Romea Theater  Company in Madrid….


With Romeo, she toured Mexico and Cuba arriving finally in Buenos Aires where, in time,  she becomes  the lover of Jose Razzano, Gardel’s agent…she made her debut on Radio Argentina in 1930 initiating a successful career… she married twice, miraculously surviving two shots from a gun from her enraged second husband…she authored the milonga “Burrero Seco” which was based on his ruination as a result of investments  in  race horses…she died in Buenos Aires at the age of 84.


1933, August 31 – birth of SUSY LEIVA

 Singer (Virgo) – born in Buenos Aires and raised in Mendoza, she began singing as a teenager…her first break occurred when she was invited to sing on Radio Belgrano where she garnered great acclaim…a key event in her career occurred on May 1, 1954 where at an annual convention of unions, presided over by Juan Peron, she won “Miss Workers’ Day”… she was invited to join the Juan Canaro orchestra with whom she  toured Japan and several south american countries.


In Mexico at the house of Libertad Lamarque,  Mariano Mores happened to be present and an impromptu performance impressed him so much that he asked her to join his orchestra. She began to sing his composition “Frente al Mar” which catapulted her to great fame and was to become her trademark tango. Returning from a performance in Rosario, with her husband at the wheel, they crashed into a trailer hitch and she died instantly at the age of 31.


  •  CLICK HERE to hear Susy sing her trademark tango “Frente al Mar”   from the film  “Buenas Noches Buenos Aires” written by Mariano Mores with lyrics by Rodolfo Taboada

1905, August 25 – birth of CELIA GAMEZ

Singer, Actress (Virgo) – born in Buenos Aires where she was a struggling tango singer…in a  moment of  inspiration she decides to go to Madrid Spain where through a lucky break she is catapulted into stardom. Over time she metamorphosed into the queen of Spanish musicals. She was beloved by the public at all levels; the aristocracy, the military and the common folk.


 She was even popular with the Franco dictatorship though her personal life was scandolous including hints of lesbian affairs. At one of her weddings, enraged women tried to tear off her white dress which they saw as an affront to values of purity. At the end, she returned Buenos Aires where she died from complications of Alzheimers in a rest home at the age of 87.           


1905, August 17 – birth of ADA FALCON

Singer…(Leo)….born in the center of Buenos Aires…rumored to have been the love child of an argentine nobleman…she begins to sing at age five as “La Joyita Argentina” (the little Argentinean jewel)….at age 13 she stars in her first film “El Festin de Los Caranchos”


She becomes immensely rich and famous…conceited, haughty, accused of acting like “an american diva”…suddenly at age of 37 she mysteriously gives up everything  and enters a monastery of tertiary nuns to live in poverty…she never said why but some think that it was because of her tragic love with Francisco Canaro


  • CLICK HERE to hear her sing Ilusion Marina”, c. 1930, written by Antonio Sureda (lyrics by Jeronimo Sureda)

1955, 4 August – birth of Mariana Avena

Singer… (Leo) in the neighborhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires…descendant of a tango family…her grandfather was a bandoneon player with the orchestras of  Juan “Pacho” Maglio and Osvaldo Fresedo…her uncle Osvaldo Avena was a renown quitarist and composer


She begins her career at the age of 17…her big break came when she was invited to be the lead singer of a renown group in Brasil


  • Click here to see her sing the classic “Vuelvo al Sur” (Iam returning to the South) written by Astor Piazzola (Lyrics by Fernando “Pino” Solanas)