1924, August 12 – birth of JORGE VIDAL

Singer…(Leo) Born in the neighborhood of Caballito, Buenos Aires…his father dies of a heart attack when he is 3 years old, the family is destitute…in desperation his mother throws herself in front of the limo of the president of the Republic… he orders that she be given her husband’s job at the post office.


Jorge sang in bars and then passed the hat around…he often slept in the very bars where he worked…one evening, after having slept on the billiard table of a bar, in the morning, to his shock, the great Osvaldo Pugliese awakens him to offer him a singer’s post in his orchestra and thus begins a great career


  • Click here to see him sing “Viejo Rincon” (music by Raul De Los Hoyos, text by Roberto Lino Cayol) from the film “El Tango En Paris” (1956, directed by Arturo Mom) http://bit.ly/JVidal

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